Eat Local Accreditation Program

The Eat Local Scenic Rim accreditation program helps Scenic Rim visitors and proud locals to find, taste, buy and connect with local food and drinks all year round.  It encourages us all to consider our food and beverage choices and highlights the broad range of produce grown and made on our doorstep.    Why?  Because eating locally is good for you, your community and the local economy.

The accredited businesses are assessed against strict criteria and fit into one or more of eight categories:

  • Producer
  • Farm Gate
  • Café/Restaurant/Pub
  • Accommodation
  • Experience
  • Retail
  • Brewer/Distiller/Wine Making

All of them must be based in the Scenic Rim and must commit to engaging with local community and industry to distribute, showcase and share the stories behind seasonal, quality produce, through participation in initiatives like Scenic Rim Eat Local Month, Destination Scenic Rim’s Farm Gate Trail and other opportunities. Cafes/restaurants and pubs must regularly have at least six ingredients from the region on their menu or available for purchase, while accommodation venues must regularly have at least four Scenic Rim products on offer, and clearly communicate their use and provenance.

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